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Synopsis for "Doomball!"

Realizing a Gamma Bomb which Thunderball recovered is missing from its casing, the two groups split up to find it for their own purposes: The Defenders to disarm it and prevent it from harming people, and the Wrecking Crew to use it to extort money out of the city of New York.

Traveling to Harlem, the Defenders and Power Man get aid from the local children, who inform them where they can find the Wrecking Crew. Battling them once more, Doctor Strange manages to disarm the Wrecker and seemingly destroy his crowbar, rendering the Crew defeated. Learning that one of the neighborhood children has the bomb and thinks it's a softball, the Defenders recover the device.

Calming the Hulk enough to cause him to change back to Bruce Banner, Bruce disarms the device, however, he changes back into the Hulk right after. Power Man thanks the Defenders, and leaves figuring he botched his job protecting Richmond's buildings little knowing that Richmond himself was fighting alongside him as Nighthawk.


  • Plot by Wein, script by Claremont.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Carl Cummins, T.E. Pouncey, Gary L. Guinn, and Barbara Golman. The letters page also contains a Series "A' Marvel Value Stamp Vol 1 98 Puppet Master.

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