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Appearing in "Enter: The Headmen!"

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Synopsis for "Enter: The Headmen!"

Viewing over old family photos, Valkyrie decides that she wants to seek out her husband, upsetting Nighthawk who was interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her. Meanwhile, in Westbury, Connecticut, the Hulk has been spotted playing with children, but is soon scared off. Little does anyone know that the small town is also home to the Headmen, a group of scientists who seek to conquer the world.

As Valkyrie tries to track down her husband, Nighthawk is visited by his old romance Trixie Starr. While at Dr. Strange's Sanctum, Bruce Banner -- finally changed back from being the Hulk -- stops for a visit. However things go awry when the Headmen's Chondu the Mystic uses his magical powers to put the people of New York into a frenzy with a mystical black rain while Gorilla Man plans a heist. While fending off the enraged masses, the Defenders attempt to stop Gorilla Man, however they fail and the black rain stops as soon as it starts, leaving the Defenders to wonder just what exactly they witnessed that day.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from G.C. Hoover, Rick Vizachero, and Jana C. Hollingsworth.

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