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Quote1.png Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the ship is it's insignia. For inscribed in English on the hull are the words "Captain America." Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Savage Time!"

As Jack Norriss tries to rekindle his romance with Valkyrie, the Earth is wracked by disasters caused by the temporal displacement caused by the Guardian's presence in the modern era. Agreeing to help the Guardians battle the Badoon rulers of Earth in the 31st Century, the Defenders and the Guardian's rush to the Guardian's ship when a news report shows Vance Astro's modern self being in the ship with their crewmate Martinex.

Teleporting the ship into space, Vance explains to all the events that would lead to the events that led to the Guardian's future: An invasion by Martians, followed by the overthrow of the Martians by Killraven and his Freemen, followed by a universal alliance, Vance Astro's revival in the 31st Century, and the later invasion by the Badoon which saw their rulership over the Earth.

After finishing his tale, Dr. Strange erases young Vance's memories and returns him to Earth, Dr. Strange then uses his magic powers to transport them to the 31st Century.


  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Mantlo pages 2-18.
  • The Guardians' home-era is stated as the year 3015.
  • Vance recollects major events in the history of Earth-691, from 1982 to 3015.
  • The infant Centaurian in the flashback does not have a tahlei.
  • Flashbacks to this story appeared in Paradise X #1.


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