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Appearing in "My Mother, the Badoon!"

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Synopsis for "My Mother, the Badoon!"

With Dr. Strange rigged to a machine to search for the missing Defenders and Guardians, the remaining members of the group aboard the Captain America battle the Badoon invaders, however all except for Strange (who is presumed dead by the Badoon soldiers, unaware that his astral form has left his body) are captured and taken to Earth for execution.

While Yondu and Hulk are forced to partake in the "Super-Death Sweepstakes" game on the planet ruled by Goozot. While Hulk is still under their mental control, Yondu battles in the games, destroying all the robots sent as a challenge.

While on the home world of the female Badoon, Starhawk brings Valkyrie and Vance to the city of the female Badoon, there they are told the secret of the Badoon race: That the males and females could not live together, so the women were exiled to one planet while the men dominated the universe. The men would come to the females planet only during mating season then leave. After the revelations are made, Starhawk departs from the scene.

After all is revealed, Val and Vance are contacted by Dr. Strange who has finally found them, and teleports them to Earth where the Badoon as just about to execute Nighthawk, Martinex and Charlie-27.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Mark Caldwell, Scott Jeffrey, Tom Bond' and "the snake".

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