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Synopsis for "Let My Planet Go!"

Vance Astro and Valkyrie are transported to Earth where they manage to free Nighthawk, Martinex and Charlie-27 from a Badoon firing squad. As they prepare a counter-attack against the Badoon, Dr. Strange's spirit form finds the Hulk and Yondu just as the Hulk smashes through his challenge on that worlds game show. The two are transported to join the others in their battle against the Badoon just before Hulk has a chance to strike the host of the gameshow.

While elsewhere, Starhawk meets with his children briefly on his home planetoid, before leaving to join the others on Earth. Joined also by Dr. Strange and Jack Norriss, the Defenders and the Guardians of the Galaxy in their battle against the Badoon. Looking into Starhawk's eyes, Jack and Dr. Strange realize that the key to winning the revolt against the Badoon rest somehow with Starhawk, and Strange then transfers the Defenders back to their own time, leaving the Guardians to welcome Starhawk into their ranks.

While back in the present, Nighthawk is upset about being pulled out of their battle in the future, Dr. Strange however leaves Jack to explain Strange's reasoning for returning them home.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Tom Colborn, Bruce W. Walters, and Ralph Macchio.

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