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Synopsis for "Nighthawk's Brain!"

Haunted by a past relationship that ended in disaster, Nighthawk finds himself distracted enough to be captured by the Headmen, who plan to transplant the brain of Chondu the Mystic into Nighthawk's body. Elsewhere, Hulk saves a baby deer from some hunters and names it Bambi and takes it back to Dr. Strange's Sanctum.

Along the way the Hulk runs into Chondu who's now in Nighthawk's body, and convinces the Hulk to show him the way to Strange's Sanctum. There, "Nighthawk" attacks the Defenders with a mystic onslaught, however, in a magical battle on the astral plane, Dr. Strange is able to best "Nighthawk", swiftly defeating him in battle. Unmasking Nighthawk, they are shocked to see that the face underneath the cowl is not one of an impostor, but of Nighthawk himself.


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#JV-120 (The same number as last issue!)
  • This issue features a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Larry Twiss and Bill Burnworth. It also contains a Series "B" Marvel Value Stamp.

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