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** [[Arthur Nagan (Earth-616)|Gorilla Man]]
** [[Arthur Nagan (Earth-616)|Gorilla Man]]
** [[Jerold Morgan (Earth-616)|Shrunken Bones]]
** [[Jerold Morgan (Earth-616)|Shrunken Bones]]
** [[Chondu the Mystic (Earth-616)|Chondu the Mystic]]
** [[Harvey Schlemerman (Earth-616)|Chondu the Mystic]]
** [[Thursday Rubinstein (Earth-616)|Ruby Thursday]]
** [[Thursday Rubinstein (Earth-616)|Ruby Thursday]]
* [[Nebulon (Earth-616)|Nebulon]]
* [[Nebulon (Earth-616)|Nebulon]]

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Appearing in "Webbed Hands, Warm Heart!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Webbed Hands, Warm Heart!"

As the Defenders are being prepared for a mind-alteration by the Headmen, Chondu (with his mind now trapped in the body of the Hulk's pet deer Bambi.) tries to break free from Dr. Strange's Sanctum to warn the other Headmen of the Defender's deception, but as he smashes out a window, he is captured by a strange lizard like creature.
Meanwhile, at the Headmen's secret headquarters, the Headmen prepare their experiment Jack Norris (in Nighthawk's body, whom the Headmen think is still under the control of Chondu) manages to free the Defenders and they begin to battle the Headmen. In the confusion Jack manages to retrieve Nighthawk's brain and while making his escape is captured by the same alien ship and lizard creatures that have captured many others including Bambi/Chondu. The leader of these lizards is revealed to be none other than Nebulon, who calls the lizards his followers the Ludberdites.

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