Quote1 Magician and Girl talk too much --- Mix up Hulk's head too! Quote2
-- Hulk

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Synopsis for "I Think We're All Bozos in This Book!"

As Nebulon explains to Jack Norriss (who Nebulon thinks is Nighthawk because Jack's mind currently inhabits Nighthawk's body) his plan to start a new movement on Earth following his transport to the Ludberdites realm following his last battle with the Defenders. After explaining his plan, he transports "Nighthawk" into the room where he keeps all his intended converts, and is almost attacked by Chondu/Bambi.

Meanwhile, the Defenders manage to free themselves from the rubble of the Headmen's base and return home to find that "Bambi" has escaped. While the Hulk goes out to search for his beloved pet, Dr. Strange tries to locate Nighthawk/Jack so that their bodies can be restored. The Hulk meanwhile finds Nebulon who has arrived on Earth and changed his form to resemble a squat bespectacled man in order to spread his message. After failing to beat Nebulon, the Hulk takes one of his fliers for a "Celestial Mind Control" seminar and brings it back to the Defenders.

Battling Nebulon and his army of "Bozos" at the meeting, the Defenders manage to recover Nighthawk/Jack, however Chondu uses his powers to teleport himself and Nebulon to safety.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Phil Latter and Beth Carlin.

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