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Quote1 I've suffered enough at the hands of Doctor Strange and his band! Quote2
Chondu the Mystic

Appearing in "Bring Back My Body to Me, to Me...!"

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Synopsis for "Bring Back My Body to Me, to Me...!"

In Russia, the Red Guardian stops a mugging but narrowly evades capture by the police. Returning home she receives a phone call from Doctor Strange asking if her she could come in her civilian identity of Tania Belinskaya to preform a peculiar brain surgery operation.

In the States, Doctor Strange has restored Jack Norris' mind to his own body and the group now has to wait for Tania to arrive State-side in order to transplant Nighthawk's brain back in his own body. While the Hulk storms out to find Nebulon, the Headmen have settled into their new base. They are suddenly shocked by the arrival of Chondu/Bambi and Nebulon. Chondu explains his predicament and after Nebulon departs, the Headmen transplant him in a new composite body.

While Valkyrie calms an enraged Hulk who is confronted by the police when he thinks he's found Bambi (but it is just another deer in captivity), she soon is embroiled in a battle against Chondu who has gone on a rampage due to his hideous form. Although Val manages to defeat Chondu, after the battle the police arrest her.


  • This issue features a letters page, Defender's Dialogue. Letters are published from Kevin Urenda and Chuck Ulrich. The letters page also features a Series "B" Value Stamp: Vol 1 82 Hulk.

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