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Black KnightQuote1 Good Lord, Chanty -- She's a powerhouse! Quote2
EnchantressQuote1 Would I create a champion who wasn't? Quote2

Appearing in "The New Defender!"

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Synopsis for "The New Defender!"

Believing that Dr. Strange is responsible for harming Barbara Norriss, the Hulk bounds over to a nearby castle to get away from him. Following with Namor, Strange and the others are transported to a mystical relam. Strange and Namor are then overpowered by the Executioner and an army at his command.

Locked in the same cell with Bruce Banner (who has changed back into human form) and Barbara, they also notice that in another cell are the Enchantress and the Black Knight. Enchantress explains that after her last battle with the Avengers she and the Executioner traveled to this realm and the Executioner soon became the consort of the queen Casiolena, much to Enchantress' chagrin. Wanting revenge she charmed the Black Knight into helping, but both were defeated and locked up.

Using her magical powers, Enchantress turns Barbara into the Valkyrie, and with the help of the Defenders manage to free themselves. In the heat of battle, the Enchantress kills Casiolena, and reclaims the Executioner as her own. However, when the Black Knight revolts believing that the Enchantress loves him, she informs him that he was only a pawn in her game, and turns him into stone before leaving with the Executioner.

The Defenders then travel back with the stone Black Knight, where Valkyrie adopts Aragorn, and decides to join the Defenders, whether they like it or not.


  • Cover art: layout by Starlin.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Robert A. Gillis, Steve Clement and Thor Gerlach.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1135-Z.

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