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Quote1.png I inhabit the body of Barbara Norriss, Jack-- but my persona is not hers! Quote2.png
Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)

Appearing in "Love, Anarchy, and Oh Yes... the Assassin!"

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Synopsis for "Love, Anarchy, and Oh Yes... the Assassin!"

Valkyrie is cleared of all charges and released after Kyle arranges to have the damages caused by her battle with Chondu paid, and hires the services of Matt Murdock to represent Val in court. As a welcome home gift, Clea gives Valkyrie a new costume. Meanwhile Dr. Strange muses about humanity and the Hulk breaks up a protest in front of an adult movie theater. Nighthawk finally gets fed up of listening to Jack Norriss' whining and pays him 300 thousand dollars to go away.

The Defenders are given a rude note thrown into the window by a group known as "Citizens for Free Emigration" who are against the inclusion of Red Guardian on their team. Chasing after the culprit, Red Guardian battles their super powered muscle, The Assassin, and soon defeats him.


  • This issue contatins a letters page Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Steve Wasson, Ed Norton, David LaSalle, and "The Brain Police".

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