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Quote1 Christmas! And I thought I had problems on Forty-Second Street! Quote2
Power Man

Appearing in ""And in This Corner: The New Emissaries of Evil!""

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  • Egghead's Space Station

Synopsis for ""And in This Corner: The New Emissaries of Evil!""

During a meeting of the Defenders at Dr. Strange's sanctum, they are attacked by Solarr and Rhino, members of Egghead's Emissaries of Evil, who have come to collect the jewel known as the Star of Capistan. While the two villains have the advantage of surprise, the regrouping Defenders manage to over power them forcing the two to retreat when they realize the Defenders don't have the Star, nor know what it is.

Transported to Egghead's space station, Egghead is furious that the attack fail, and more importantly that his calculations that Strange would have the jewel were incorrect, he punishes his two hirelings and begins planning anew. Back on Earth, the Defenders take Nighthawk to the hospital to treat his burns sustained in battle. There Dr. Strange is visited by his old friend Omar Karindu who has brought him the Star of Capistan, however upon showing it to Strange, the doctor is mesmerized by it.

While elsewhere in the city, Egghead's next agent, the recently revived Cobalt Man attacks the Defenders, however during the battle the Cobalt man begins reaching critical mass, threatening to explode right in the middle of New York City.


  • Cover art: modifications (including the Hulk and Power Man's heads) by Romita.[1]

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