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Is fuzzy-hair coming too? Hulk is sorry about hitting little man!
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Power Man
How can I turn down an offer like that?
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Appearing in "Rage of the Rajah!"

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Synopsis for "Rage of the Rajah!"

The Defenders organize to look for Dr. Strange, who has been missing since their last battle. Red Guardian deals with the uneasy decision to stay in the US or return to Russia. Jack Norriss returns to try once more to convince Valkyrie to rekindle their romance, an officer that Val rejects, sending Jack storming out, only for him to suddenly flee in terror from an unseen entity.

As Nighthawk, Power Man and Hulk learn that Strange was brought before the Star of Capistan, Val and Red Guardian are visited by Hellcat. Hellcat has arrived to warn the Defenders of an impending doom but before Hellcat can explain anymore they notice people walking zombie-like towards Central Park and go to investigate. Meanwhile the male members of the Defenders are also drawn there where they battle the Red Rajah who is gathering an army of slaves. The three men battle Rajah and his army, but are easily over powered, leaving only Val, Red Guardian and Hellcat as the only opposing force against the Red Rajah.


  • Plot by Conway, script by Slifer and Kraft.

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