Quote1.png All I understand is that all of a sudden the Defenders are falling apart! Quote2.png
-- Nighthawk

Appearing in "Who Remembers Scorpio?"

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Synopsis for "Who Remembers Scorpio?"

With the announcement that Dr. Strange plans to leave the Defenders for personal reasons, Power Man, and Red Guardian also pay their leave to the group. However, Hellcat decides to join the group, and Val and Nighthawk manage to convince the Hulk to stay. Deciding that they should no long use Dr. Strange's Sanctum as a headquarters anymore, Nighthawk suggests they use his riding academy as a base of operations.

Meanwhile, Jack Norris is finally caught by his pursuer, who turns out to be none other than Nick Fury. When the Defenders arrive at their new base of operations, they find that it has been broken into by Scorpio who has come seeking Kyle Richmond. Scorpio is soon overpowered by the combined might of the Defenders and is forced to retreat.

Also, it appears that the Defenders' path would soon cross that of the Elf With a Gun, as he appears on the Richmond Riding Academy, targeting a young paperboy. Before he can kill the boy, however, the Elf is struck by a large truck driving down the road.


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