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Jack Norriss

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Synopsis for "Night Moves!"

As the Defenders part company to spend some R&R time, Jack Norris is being carted away by men hired by Nick Fury. Moon Knight, watching the whole incident finds it fishy and saves Jack and the two escape. Valkyrie makes a stop to Dr. Strange's Sanctum to have Clea fix the spell Stephen cast on her to make her costume appear so that it will manifest her new costume instead of her old one.

Hellcat makes a stop at Avengers Mansion, and soon finds herself being attacked by Wonder Man who doesn't recognize her as a member of the group, while Jack Norriss and Moon Knight arrive at Dr. Strange's Sanctum for help. There Clea uses her magics to learn what happened to Jack shortly after the incident with Ruby Thursday, Jack was confronted by apparent SHIELD agents about the candidate and he refused to speak not wanting to reveal the secret behind the Defenders, they eventually let him go but still hound him.

Going to retrieve Hellcat, the group hear commotion coming from Avengers Mansion and Val breaks them in. Hellcat is saved by the combined efforts of Valkyrie and Moon Knight who manage to fight Wonder Man until Hellcat can activate the Avengers logs that prove to Wonder Man that she has membership with the Avengers. After all is sorted out, a message from Nick Fury comes over the Avengers computers informing them to seek out and capture Jack Norriss.


  • Plot by Kraft and Slifer, script by Warner.
  • Letters (stry pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Costanza pages 2-17.

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