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Quote1.png Awhile back we paid him to disappear -- and now we're paying to get him back! Some days, nothing goes right. So -- much as I hate to ask -- -- Where IS he? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Who Remembers Scorpio? Part One: Sinister Savior!"

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Synopsis for "Who Remembers Scorpio? Part One: Sinister Savior!"

The Defenders decide the best thing to do is to turn Jack Norriss over to SHIELD in order to straighten things out, however they soon find out that the Nick Fury they turned Jack over too was an impostor working for Scorpio who has demanded Kyle Richmond pay a random so that he can have the fund necessary to complete his army of Zodiac androids.

First Moon Knight tracks Scorpio down to his "theater of genetics" and is captured and left to die in a tank filled with water. While Kyle gives in and arrives in High Point, New Jersey, to hand over the ransom to Scorpio, who reneges on the deal. When Kyle tries to attack, Scorpio blasts him with the Scorpio Key.


  • Script assist by McGregor (credited on page 31).

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