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Quote1.png Scorpio, did you ever think that this is all... abnormal? It's unnatural... a diversion of certain basic drives... some kinda substitute for a real human relationship! Quote2.png
Jack Norriss

Appearing in "Who Remembers Scorpio? Part Two: Rampage"

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Synopsis for "Who Remembers Scorpio? Part Two: Rampage"

As Moon Knight makes his escape to inform the Defenders of his findings and try to save Jack Norriss, Scorpio now has Nighthawk as his hostage beside Norriss himself, who was a necessary collaborator in Scorpio capturing Nighthawk. The Defenders reunited with Moon Knight decide they need the Hulk's power to help free Nighthawk and Jack from Scorpio's base. However, when they find the Hulk, the green goliath is reluctant to fight for them.

Hard pressed to save their friends, the Defenders have to resort to bringing the Hulk into a rampage and tricking him into following them to Scorpio's base through the tunnel under the Hudson river. However they arrive too late, as Scorpio has just activated his android Zodiac army.

Meanwhile, in Moscow Airport Terminal, The Red Guardian, under her secret identity of Doctor Belinskaya is captured by the KGB.


  • During the Hulk's rampage through the streets of New York, a billboard advertising Jack of Hearts can be seen.
  • Letters (issue pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Watanabe pages 2-16, 31, Royer pages 17-30.

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