Quote1 What's the matter Ringer? No sense of humor when you're on the receiving end? Speak up! I can't hear you! Quote2
-- Nighthawk

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Synopsis for "A Round with the Ringer!"

Following their battle with Scorpio, the Defenders bid farewell to Moon Knight, and Jack Norriss is offered a job working for SHIELD by Nick Fury. While in Russia, Tani is taken to a secret project known only as Sergei. While Valkyrie begins to establish a new life for herself by starting college she meets Dollar Bill and Ledge. While a new villain known as Ringer tries to rob a bank bringing him into conflict with Nighthawk.

As Jack Norriss comes looking for his wife, Hellcat takes him out for a walk to talk about his life. Nighthawk defeats Ringer and Valkyrie gets acquainted with her new friends, unaware that an attacker is in the shadows stalking the students of Empire State University.


  • Giffen is wrongly credited as Keith Giffin.
  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Patterson pages 2-17.

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