Quote1.png I came to seek out Reed Richards. But if you are indeed Defenders, then perhaps I may acquire aid from you. Atlantis is greatly imperiled! Quote2.png
-- Sub-Mariner

Appearing in "Defender of the Realm!"

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Synopsis for "Defender of the Realm!"

Arriving on the surface world in New York, Namor attracts the attention of not only a crowd of people, but the Hulk as well. When the Hulk misguidedly tries to "protect" Namor from the mob, Namor swats Hulk away, enraging the beast and the two soon begin fighting in the streets. While in Russia, Tania dons her costume and tries to resist her captors however they slip a mind control device on her before presenting her to their master, known as The Presence, who has plans for both himself and Tania.

While Valkyrie watches a movie with Dollar Bill and Ledge, they meet Professor Turk and begin a discussion about the Lunatik, a vigilante that has been attacking people on campus. While Patsy and Kyle learn of the Hulk and Namor's rampage through the city, they change into their costumed identities of Hellcat and Nighthawk to stop the altercation. Stopping the two combatants, they learn that Namor had come to the surface to seek the aid of Reed Richards to help stop the leakage of a Soviet nuclear device that is plaguing a fertile seabed. However, since he found the Defenders first, he asks for their help and the group agrees.

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