Quote1 Gosh! If the Red Guardian's really gone bad, then maybe my ex-hubby, Buzz, was right after all about Communists! Quote2
-- Hellcat

Appearing in "The Power Principle Part Two: A Study in Survival!"

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Synopsis for "The Power Principle Part Two: A Study in Survival!"

With their ship blasted to bits because of a nearby nuclear explosion, the Defenders scramble to the waters surface. While back in the States, Valkyrie is bored to sleep watching Dollar Bill's film autobiography, and Jack Norriss leaves for the first day of his SHIELD training.

Back in Russia, the Defenders get to the surface and find that the Red Guardian and The Presence have succeeded in changing themselves into beings of pure nuclear energy.

Appearing in "Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD: Fury Times 5!"

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Synopsis for "Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD: Fury Times 5!"

While in a training session, Fury is locked in the room with five hostile LMD's based on himself activated by a mysterious hooded attacker. Defeating the LMD's and his captor who is also revealed to be a Fury LMD, the whole episode turns out to have been a gag played by fellow SHIELD agent Clay Quartermain.

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