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Quote1.png You've never gotten beyond thinking only of yourself. You wanted to remake me -- in your image. Go, Sergei. Leave these people... leave me. You have brought all of us enough pain. Quote2.png
Red Guardian

Appearing in "The Power Principle Part 3: Emotion, Ego... and Empty Expectations!"

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Synopsis for "The Power Principle Part 3: Emotion, Ego... and Empty Expectations!"

The Defenders find themselves attacked by their former comrade the Red Guardian who is under the control of the Presence, who has changed both into beings of pure nuclear energy. During the course of the battle the Defenders try to break the Presence's control over Red Guardian. During the fight, Nighthawk finds Namor's horn among the wreckage of their submersible and blows into it.

Hoping to summon an Atlantean beast to help them, Nighthawk gets more than he bargained for when the Behemoth From Below is what is summoned, and the creature is in a berserk frenzy. The Defenders, Red Guardian and the Presence are forced to fight off the creature, which the Hulk tries to keep at bay with his strength. It takes a massive nuclear blast from the Presence to destroy the creature. Afterwords, the Red Guardian free the Presence's control tells him that she does not love him and heartbroken the Presence leaves. The Defenders victory is short lived however as they all begin to succumb to radiation poisoning.

While back in New York, Valkyrie and Ledge are walking across ESU campus when they are attacked by the Lunatik, forcing Val to draw her sword to defend her friend.


Lunatik last appeared in Defenders #53

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