Quote1 Can't -- let myself become -- The Hulk --For if I do -- The Defenders are dead for sure! But I -- I Don't know how long -- I can Hold Out! Quote2
-- Bruce Banner

Appearing in "Val's New York Adventure!"

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Synopsis for "Val's New York Adventure!"

Confronted by the Lunatik, Val battles the raving vigilante, however the during their fight the Lunatik savagely beats Ledge before taking Val on a chase across the city.

While back in Russia, the rest of the Defenders are picked up by the Russian authorities, while in custody Bruce Banner (the only member unaffected by the radiation) pleads for the American ambassador to talk the Russians into letting him save his friends. Banner then works with the Russian scientists to cure his friends, however when the rejuvenation process fails to cure Hellcat, Bruce works on an alternate method and against the urge to change into the Hulk. Banner ultimately succeeds however he passes out from exhaustion. Afterwords, the Defenders are allowed to return to the States, Namor returns to Atlantis, and the Red Guardian is taken into custody by the Russian authorities.

Back in New York, Val's chase with the Lunatik leads to the New York Subway, where the Lunatik manages to lose her by jumping onto a passing subway train.


  • Iro is credited as Pete Iro.
  • Lunatik next appears in Defenders #61

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