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Quote1.png The Silver Surfer will fight with his friends! Quote2.png
Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Appearing in "The Dreams of Death!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Devil Incarnate (Cyrus Black) (First appearance)
  • Cyrus Black's Disciples
  • Beast of Nohel (Unnamed) (Illusion or holographic simulation)
  • Serpent of Rham (Illusion or holographic simulation)

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Synopsis for "The Dreams of Death!"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer returns to the Defenders to apologize for the way he acted last time they were together. He finds them being attacked by Cyrus Black and helps defeat him and his henchmen. Black retreats and plans a new attack. He discovers that he can make the illusions in his dreams become real. He uses this ability to attack the Defenders again and overpowers them. However, Namor realizes that they are in a different reality and convinces Black that none of this is real. This causes him to wake up and realize that his plans have failed again.

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Detailed Summary:
The Silver Surfer travels to Dr. Strange's Sanctum, in order to apologize for the way he had acted in his last encounter with the Defenders, but finds a strange mystic cube formed around the Sanctum. Able to smash through it, he finds that the Defenders are under attack by Cyrus Black (a mystic bent on proving he is superior to Dr. Strange) and his followers.

Although Black almost manages to destroy the statue of the Black Knight, his attack fails and he and his followers are forced to retreat. The Surfer is introduced to Valkyrie and offers to show her the world and tell her what he's learned about it. She and Namor agree to travel along with him and all three depart.

Meanwhile, Cyrus Black plans his next attack on Doctor Strange. He discovers that he can make illusions from his dreams come to life and plans to use this ability to attack and destroy Strange.

Two days pass and the Surfer, Valkyrie, and Namor return to Doctor Strange. As they arrive, the Defenders are suddenly attacked by demons from Cyrus Black's dreams. As they are not able to defeat the heroes, Black decides to attack them himself. He has become super-powered through his dreams and overpowers them all.

However Namor realizes that they are not currently existing in reality, because he hasn't weakened from the lack of contact with water. He convinces Black that none of his demons and powers are real, which causes him to wake up from his mystical sleep and disappear from the Sanctum Sanctorum. Waking up in his apartment, Black realizes that his plans have failed once again and wonders if he will ever be able to defeat Doctor Strange.

Appearing in "The Dynamic Defenders!"

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Synopsis for "The Dynamic Defenders!"

Defenders (Earth-616) from Defenders Vol 1 6 0001.jpg

A two-page centerfold pinup of the team.


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1311-Z.


  • The cover image of Cyrus Black strongly resembles the Black Knight's costume. The color scheme of his costume matches the Black Knight's motif and is different than what is shown inside the comic.
  • This issue features a letters page Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Thomas J. Chambers and Giacinto Santacroce.

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