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Quote1.png No, child, it is not Ragnarök... but a future far worse -- devoid of all hope -- if indeed that future falls in the hands of a madman with the power to inflict death arbitrarily at will! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Val in Valhalla Part One: War of the Dead!"

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Synopsis for "Val in Valhalla Part One: War of the Dead!"

The story opens with Valkyrie and Aragorn entering Asgard. Val is greeted by Heimdall, who seems happy to see her. Within Asgard itself, living Asgardians fear Valkyrie, as she is one of the choosers of the slain. She pays no attention to them, as she is already missing the Defenders.

Valkyrie has had ominous visions of her past, visions which restored the lost memories of her godhood. She decides not to petition Odin for aid. Odin is secretly aware of her concerns, but does not approach her. The narration claims that Odin works in mysterious ways. Valkyrie instead visits the Three Fates in search of answers. They were expecting her, as Skuld had foretold her arrival.

Valkyrie wants to know about her future, though the Norns already perceive the problems of her past and present. The Norns ask her to kneel at the base of Yggdrasill, and to peer into the Spring of Mimir. Valkyrie sees a vision of herself fighting in a civil war, a civil war in Valhalla which tears it apart. She sees herself struck down by an unseen assailant. She sees death decimating mankind. She sees death claiming her fellow Defenders (Hellcat, Hulk, and Nighthawk). She sees Hela hovering over all and striving to dominate events. But even Hela is overshadowed by the sinister symbol of a dread opponent. The vision ends.

The Norns explain that this is not a vision of Ragnarök, but of a future far worse and devoid of all hope. It is a future which has fallen into the hands of a madman with the power to inflict death arbitrarily and at will. Verandi feels that there is no hope for Valkyrie. In another vision, Valkyrie sees herself banished to Niffleheim by Hela. Valkyrie realizes that the vision predicts an eternity of torment for her. The vision ends.

Valkyrie hopes that she can prevent this future from coming to pass, but the Fates claim that you can not escape destiny. Valkyrie accepts her fate. She resolves to surrender herself to Hela, and to accept her judgement. A decision befitting a Valkyrie. As she prepares to depart and bids farewell to the Fates, Verandi reminds Valkyrie about her "slumbering soul-mate". While flying, Valkyrie remembers Barbara Norriss, the mortal who seems doomed to suffer their shared dark destiny. The body Valkyrie currently inhabits is that of Barbara. She recalls that the insane Barbara is a prisoner within her own mind and body. She feels this is an injustice to Barbara. The scene ends.

The scene shifts to Patsy Walker's house. Hellcat is sleeping, while still wearing her Cat Suit. She wakes from a strange nightmare, involving mists, choking, something clammy, and death everywhere. Hellcat contemplates that she is haunted by scary visions since the time Val left the team. She feels it is out of character for Val to disappear like this. And Nighthawk reported that Val was acting strangely before she disappeared. Hellcat really worries about Val, and hopes that her friend is safe. The scene ends.

The scene shifts to a Justice Department building in Manhattan. An agent called Ron is convinced that Kyle Richmond is a crook. His fellow agent Hal views him as a Tony Stark-type: rich, single, and squeaky-clean. Ron presents gathered evidence involving Kyle in stock manipulation, fraud, and tax evasion. Hal is not fully convinced and warns that Ron's case must be air-tight. Ron is confident that he can prove his accusations, and the Department starts further investigating Kyle Richmond. The scene ends.

The scene shifts to Valhalla, where has just gained entry. Local troops ask her report to Hela that Tyr and his sea reavers have won the first skirmish of the war. Valkurie realizes that the war has already begun. The Hordes of Hela are marshalled in the court yard of the Great Hall. Valkyrie is greeted by Harokin, leader of the legions of Valhalla. Val asks for the location of Hela. Harokin realizes that she looks troubled and is worried about her. She explains that the Fates foretold that Hela would sentence her to Niffleheim. But Val does not yet know why. Harokin is shocked that Val could be banished. He comments that this war has addled Hela's wits. One his soldiers warns Harokin that Hela is approaching, and should not hear his comments about her.

Hela approaches, surrounded by her Valkyrior. Val feels proud at the sight of her fellow Valkyries, but worries about Hela's intentions. Hela asks Brunnhilde to kneel and listen to her judgement. Harokin questions Hela about her supposed unfair decision, but she silences the "barbarian". Hela asks Brunnhilde to pay no heed to the Norns' prophecies. Hela personally summoned Brunnhilde from Midgard, to ask her to lead the Valkyrior again. Hela and her troops are at war with Ollerus the Unmerciful, and she needs someone to take command alongside Harokin. Val accepts the duty offered to her.

By late afternoon, the combined forces of Hela cross a bridge towards the surrounding wastelands, under the joined command of Harokin and Val. The entire army is in serious mood, because this is a desperate war for them. The face of the land has changed, becoming ugly and barren. Noxious vapors are cast over the land. The scene shifts to a mountain shaped like a shark's tooth. The massive mountain moves and currently serves as the headquarters of the enemy.

Within the mountain, Poppo the Cunning spies on Hela's forces by using the Crystal of Eternal View. He wants to inform his employer Ollerus about their movements, because he is expecting a reward. He asks Casiolena about Ollerus' whereabouts, but she questions what important news Poppo can deliver to their employer. They get into an argument about which one of them is the most important sorcerer. The argument is broken by Ollerus himself, who reminds them that they both exist only to serve him. Poppo explains his plan to Ollerus (though it remains hidden to the readers). Ollerus only asks where it is supposed to take place. Poppo chooses the Pass of Peril as the perfect location of their trap. Ollerus tasks Poppo with preparing the trap. The scene ends.

The scene shifts to Val, who is conversing with Svava of the Valkyrior. Svava suggests that Val should have ignored Hela's summons and never returned. The two Valkyries observe the surrounding barren wastelands, which are still within the area of Valhalla. Val comments that time has changed Valhalla from a bountiful land to a land of desolation. Svava points that this is not the work of time, but the work of Hela. Svava views Hela as an outsider who has brought the trappings of Niffleheim to to Valhalla. She believes, however, that Odin has forsaken them. They are therefore duty-bound to serve Hela. Val angrily orders Svava to do her duty, then flies away on Aragorn. Val goes on a scouting mission and locates Ollerus' Army.

The enemy army has already located Val and prepares to charge. Val signals Harokin, who leads his army to its own charge. The two armies clash in a battle at the Pass of Peril. Val leaps into the fray and lifts an enemy horse with her bare hands. She commands her Valkyrior to attack the enemy forces, and the Valkyries start slaughtering enemies. Combatants of both sides are men (and women) of Valhalla, and are destined to rise again anyway. Val is the only one with an actual mortal body, that of Barbara Norriss; and she fights hard to not allow it to perish. A sudden earthquake causes the Pass to collapse. Friend and foe alike are covered beneath tons of falling rock.

Aragorn swoops down from the sky and rescues Val. There is nothing she can do for the others. Val soon realizes that the earthquake was caused by a moving mountain. She approaches, and Ollerus believes that she has taken the bate. Valkyrie enters the mountain through an open portal. She explores the location for a while, and comes across a hidden body. It is her own immortal body, the one she had before the Enchantress placed her in a human body. She can not resist touching the body, and then she falls down unconscious.

As Ollerus, Poppo, and Casiolena examine Val's unconscious body, the immortal body rises. The revived form now belongs to Barbara Norriss, whose soul has returned. The story ends.


  • The issue features a rare glimpse of Hellcat's apartment. However, Hellcat is depicted sleeping in full costume, and not acting like Patsy Walker even when she is alone.


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