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Quote1.png As my legions grow, the Gods of Asgard will have no choice to acknowledge me as the new God of Death! Quote2.png
Ollerus the Unmerciful

Appearing in "Val in Valhalla Part Two: We, the Unliving..."

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Synopsis for "Val in Valhalla Part Two: We, the Unliving..."

While trying to escape soldiers who are chasing him, the Hulk suddenly drops dead, and the soldiers give up the search because they figure the Hulk escaped.

While in Valhalla, Hela's forces continue to struggle against Ollerus' opposition forces, while Ollerus confines Valkyrie to a mystically sealed cell that prevents her from smashing through the door. Back on Earth, Nighthawk and Hellcat die in a car crash and their souls are picked up by Barbara Norriss who is posing as Valkyrie, and convinces them to fight for Ollerus along with the Hulk.

While Valkyrie breaks out of her cell by smashing a hole through to the outside of the rock formation acting as Ollerus' base, she is rescued from watch-dragons by Harokin who swoops in to save her on Aragorn. She then orders him to take her back to her army. Meanwhile, Ollerus sends the Defenders along with his army of newly acquired dead (people struck dead on Earth and have their souls brought to Valhalla) in one final assault against Hela and her army.


  • Plot by Kraft and Hannigan, script by Hannigan.
  • As detailed in the letters page for issue 73, David Kraft was leaving Marvel having only delivered the first part of this arc, and as the deadline came closer, it forced Ed Hannigan to get Kraft's notes and "work out a plot of sorts with Herb over the phone".
  • Despite appearing on the cover, Doctor Strange does not appear in this issue.


One of Harokin's warriors is named Hagar, a possible reference to Hägar the Horrible.

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