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Quote1.png The enemy think us defeated - but with your power and that of your friends we may yet prevail! Who will stand with Harokin? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Val in Valhalla Part Three: Valhalla Can Wait!"

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Synopsis for "Val in Valhalla Part Three: Valhalla Can Wait!"

As the Defenders are tricked into battling the forces of Hela along with an army led by Ollerus by Barbara Norriss (who is posing as Valkyrie), the real Valkyrie arrives to join her comrades to fight against Ollerus and his soldiers. Seeing her friends the Defenders fighting on the opposite side, she tries to convince them the Valkyrie they are following is an imposter. Meanwhile, Hela has sought audience with Odin and asked him to help her win the war, Odin tells her that he hopes she wins, but will not get involved and whichever side should fall Odin will ursurp the ruler of Valhalla as he has no love for either.

Barbara Norriss reveals her true identity to the Defenders, realizing they were tricked they team up with the real Valkyrie and help defeat Ollerus' army. When Ollerus tries to use his mountain base to crush his opponents it is smashed into bits by the Hulk. After Ollerus' defeat, Hela banishes him and his accomplaces (including Barbara Norriss) to Niffleheim. Hela then restores all the people Ollerus killed back to bloister his ranks back to life, and then relinquishes control over Valhalla to Harokin. Val, realizing that this was what the vision of the future meant, returns back to Earth with the rest of the Defenders.


The issue title is a reference to Heaven Can Wait.


Hellcat says that Hela "sounds meaner than the Wicked Witch of the West".

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