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Dr. Strange and Nighthawk have traveled to the coast of Maine, where Strange's suspicions are confirmed: the cloaking spell he put over the Omegatron robot has lifted and somebody has been in it's proximity. Fearing the worst, the Defenders follow it's energy emmissions to Jeff Colt, a vetrenarian who exposed himself to the Omegatron and was granted the power to have any super power he could want.

Although stopping crimes with his powers, each time they were used brought power to the Omegatron. When the Defenders confront Colt (now calling himself the Anything Man) Colt initially thinks that the Defenders have come to ask him to join their group. However, he reacts violently when they say that they've come to remove his powers. As the conflict increases the Omegatron gets closer to critical mass, until Nighthawk gets an idea. Tricking Anything Man to follow him to an island far away, Nighthawk allows Anything Man to pummel him without resistance.
Nighthawk's plan works as since Nighthawk wasn't defending himself with counter-blows Anything Man used up all the power he'd collected. Leaving him behind with no powers to use, Colt begs to have the powers removed which Dr. Strange does. Afterwords they explain that they had have him willingly relinquish his powers, as a pitched battle would have caused untold disaster.


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