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Synopsis for "Catch a Falling Lunatik!"

Returning home from New England, the Defenders drop Dr. Strange and Bruce Banner off at Dr. Strange's Sanctum. Returining to Richmond's Riding Academy, Nighthawk is met there by representatives from the Justice Department who advise him that they are investigating his companies financing. Back in Greenwitch Village, Dr. Strange asks Banner if he will accompany him on a deadly mission, a mission that Banner accepts as himself and the Hulk, and so Strange teleports them both away.

That night Valkyrie and Hellcat attend a dance at ESU where Ledge accusess Harrisson Turk of being Lunatik. Deciding to follow Turk the two heroes find Lunatik and split up to try and track him down, calling in Nighthawk in for back-up. Each hero manages to catch who they believe to be Lunatik, but when they all gather togeather they're all shocked to find that they have three suspects. If matters couldn't get any stranger, Harrison Turk admits that he too is Lunatik.


Lunatik last appeared in Marvel Premiere #46

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