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Synopsis for "Stranger & Stranger in a Strange Land"

With the Lunatik's captured the Defenders have Harrisson Turk explain how they and he can all be Lunatik. Turk explains that he is really a fragment of a being named Arisen Tyrk and tells the Defenders a stroy about how he was ousted from rule of another dimension by a band of savages (in reality he was a evil ruler ousted by Stargod) and when he made his escape into Earth's realm, his body was split into fragments. To date, only himself and the three Lunatik fragments of his personality have surfaced on the Earth.

The Defenders seek the aid of Clea to help them track down the rest of Tyrk's fragments, using her magics she transports them all to a realm called Tunnel World. There they find that Tyrk's remaining fragments serve a being known as the Unnamable, as his air guard the Nilffrim. During the battle they also find that Dr. Strange and the Hulk are here also, on a mission to stop the Unnamable.

During the battle the Nilffrim are captured, however Harrison Turk turns on the Defenders knocking out Hellcat and escaping with the Lunatiks, with Hellcat as their hostage, and Valkyrie in pursuit.

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