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Appearing in ""Of Wizards, Shadows & Kings""

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Synopsis for ""Of Wizards, Shadows & Kings""

Fighting their way to the palace of Xhoohx, the Defenders meet with Tunnel World's wizard, and with his aid recombine all the fragments of Arisen Tyrk. However the newly reunified Tyrk tries to kill the Defenders for his master the Unnamable. However, the Defenders are able to best him in battle and Xhoohx and Dr. Strange manage to incapacitate him with a spell. Dr. Strange returns the Defenders to Earth, while Strange himself plans to find a way to stop the Unnamable on his own, the rest of the Defenders part company.

While at the apartment which Dollar Bill shared with Harrison Turk, Bill and Ledge are confronted by the Foolkiller who has come to seeking to eliminate the Lunatik.

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