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Summoning the Sub-Mariner and the Hulk to his Sanctum Sanctorum, Dr. Strange asks them to join them on a mission to Tunnel World to stop the Unnamable's stain across existence once and for all. The three agree to go, unaware that the Hulk has already been tainted by the Unnamable's name. as they leave for Tunnel World, Clea is left behind to ponder what to do with herself. In space, Moondragon disposes of the bodies of James-Michael and Omega.

While in Las Vegas, the Defenders and their friends bid farewell to Richard Rory who decides to stay in Vegas before they are picked up by Yellowjacket to take them home. Along the way they pick up a distress call from a military base that is being robbed of its gold by Fem-Force and Mutant Force. During the fight Yellowjacket is captured and the enemies retreat. Going to the nearby town to get Ruth, Dian and Amber and call for more help, they are betrayed by Amber who turns them over to Fem-Force who are hiding in the deserted town police station.

While in Tunnel World, under disguise, Dr. Strange and his companions meet with Aeroika, who -as prophesies tell- will be part of the overthrow of the Unnamable.

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