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Traveling through Tunnel World with Aeroika, Dr. Strange, Hulk and Sub-Mariner stop in a valley that is protected from the Unnamable, there they rest and Aeroika tells them (through dream) how his race was created to be a slave race for Ytitnedion and his minions who follow the Unnamable, then he begins to learn of the nobility of each of the Defenders present until he tries to view the Hulk's mind, upon which he reverts back to Bruce Banner and awakens.

Back on Earth, Val, Wasp and Hellcat try to fight off Fem-Force but soon find themselves over powered. When Mandrill arrives, all but the Wasp is put under their power (because Dian, is unaffected by Mandrill's powers due to her young age, she pretends to follow Fem-Force and traps Wasp in a jar which protects her from Mandrill's control.) Escaping in the night, the Wasp and Dian go to warn the army base of another impending attack by the Mandrill and his forces, and call Nighthawk for help, Nighthawk decides to help out. The next day, the Mandrill sends his army (led by Valkyrie and Hellcat) to attack the army base once more.

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