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Testing out his new Aggressive Weapons Package that has been added to his costume, Nighthawk rushes to help the Wasp and the army turn back an attack made by the Mandrill's Fem-Force (led by Valkyrie and Hellcat, now under Mandrill's control) and Mutant Force. While in New York, Clea tries to dull her boredom by riding Aragorn. Back in Tunnel World, Aeroika and the Defenders fight off an attacking army led by Ytitnedion's men.

Back on Earth, Nighthawk manages to incapacitate Fem-Force and Mutant Force's attack, prompting Mandrill to escape. Thinking he's escaping in a rocket, Nighthawk goes to stop it only to find that only Yellowjacket is inside, and that it was a ruse to keep the heroes occupied while Mandrill made his real escape. After the battle, Val and Hellcat are freed from Mandrill's influence, Valkyrie vows to bring the Mandrill to justice.

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  • Mandrill previously appeared last issue and will appear next in Defenders #85.

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