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With the Hulk now in Ytitnedion's possession he uses the Unnamable's power over the green goliath to make him captain of his Nilffim Riders, and smashes the Orb of Ommemenon. While Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner and Aeroika lead Aeroika's people to freedom, they smash through all the opposing forces however the end up retreating to the sewers. There Dr. Strange sends out his astral form to search for the location of Xhoohx and the Hulk.

As Strange's astral form battles Ytitnedion, and the Hulk's Nilffim Riders, Xhoohx interferes with the battle at the cost of the wizards own life, allowing Strange to escape the castle. Chased by the Hulk on a Nilffim bird, Strange tricks him into flying over the shards of the Orb using his magical powers to reassemble it and trap the Hulk inside. Exhausted, he does not see Ytitnedion about to attack, however the villain is knocked unconscious by Sub-Mariner and his forces, who had arrived through the dungeon after growing impatient for the Doctor's return.

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