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Synopsis for ""End of the Tunnel""

Traveling to the furthest region of Tunnel World the Defenders prepare for their final battle against the Unnamable. While on Earth, Patsy and Val fight off some bank robbers and suddenly realize that Patsy could use her acrobatics without her costume, while Kyle goes over his legal problems with his lawyer.

Back in Tunnel World, Dr. Strange transports himself, Ytitnedion, Sub-Mariner and Aeroika into the Orb of Ommenemnon to do battle against the Unnamable. Fighting through the Hulks subconscious conjuring of every foe Hulk has battle, the Hulk himself, and Ytitnedion as well, Dr. Strange draws the Unnamable into mental combat. Using his mystic powers against the disembodied force. The Unnamable withdraws its influence (and its name) from the minds of all who know it into the mind of the Hulk to try and defeat Strange. However Strange proves to be the victor, trapping the Unnamable in the Hulk's mind and using his mystical powers to surgically sever the portion of Hulk's brain with the Unnamable's power from the rest of his mind.

With the Unnamable finally defeated, Strange releases everyone from the orb, and Ytitnedion commits suicide shortly after.

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