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Following their adventure in Tunnel World, the Defenders celebrate their victory in Namor's undersea palace. Dr. Strange decides to leave, leaving Bruce Banner in the care of Namor. When the Black Panther captures Atlantean soldiers involved in purchasing stolen Wakandan technology, it brings the ire of Namor, and when Black Panther travels to Atlantis to deal with the situation diplomatically, the two end up in combat. Sneaking through the Palace, Black Panther finds and frees the sedated Banner, allowing him to change into the Hulk. The Hulk then tries to smash through the walls and causes a flood, forcing Namor to save both the Hulk and Black Panther from drowning. When the Hulk jumps out of the ocean seeking dry land once more, the Wakandan military believe it is a nuclear strike launched by Atlantis and launches their own missiles. Only the quick thinking of the Black Panther (now freed and on his way back to Wakanda) informs Namor of the accidental launch, allowing the Sub-Mariner to knock the missile away from it's intended target. Although both manage to stop Atlantis from being destroyed, tension remains between the two nations.

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