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  • Wakandan Consulate

Synopsis for "Like a Proud Black Panther..."

In trying to track down the Mandrill, the Defenders learn that the villain is involved with the Wakandan technology smuggling, and so Hellcat pays a visit to the Wakandan embassy to get the aid of the Black Panther in stopping the Mandrill. Returning to Dr. Strange's Sanctum to figure out their plan, the Sub-Mariner arrives to drop off Bruce Banner. However, the tension between Namor and Black Panther causes Namor to leave in a foul mood. Tracking down the location of the next equipment drop off, Black Panther, Valkyrie, Hellcat and Clea attack the plane and the Fem-Force when they arrive. During the fight, Black Panther and Hellcat enter the plan to find it's a trap. When the plane restrains the Black Panther and flies off, the Mandrill informs Hellcat that the plane has also been rigged with a bomb. However, with the help of the Hulk and Dr. Strange the Defenders manage to stop the plan from crashing into an oil refinery and Hellcat manages to disarm the bomb with some mystical help from Dr. Strange.


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