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Appearing in "The Left Hand of Silence!"

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Synopsis for "The Left Hand of Silence!"

Hellcat and Black Panther are on the hunt for a missing bit of Wakandan technology, a device, named Absorber, that utilizes Vibranium in order to cancel out all sound in the immediate area. Following the energy signature the Absorber gives off whenever it's activated, the two end up on a chance across the city as the device proves to cause those who use it to be meet with accidents as they don't usually hear trouble. Going from a Russian diplomat who is shot buy his purchaser, and the purchaser being hit by a bus, the Absorber ends up in the hands of a cab driver who causes a house fire from falling asleep with a lit cigarette. It then ends up in the hands of a single mother, who then has it stolen on the subway. The Absorber end up in the middle of a riot of that the device itself created. Things are compounded when Bruce Banner (out seeing a movie with Valkyrie) turns into the Hulk.

However, Black Panther and Hellcat manage to destroy the Absorber by using a second one and a fight with the Hulk to cause the stolen device to overload from all the excess sound.

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