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Synopsis for "Lord of the Whales"

Fixing their new Wakandan Aerocar at Kyle Richmond's aerospace plant, the Defenders receive word from Kyle's lawyer that the court injunction preventing him from becoming Nighthawk has been lifted, and so Nighthawk dawns his costume and goes out flying to celebrate.

Meanwhile out at sea, Bruce Banner is hiding out on one of Kyle's yachts, when he is knocked overboard by a whale. Realizing it's the same whale that the Hulk saved a while ago, Banner allows himself to transform as he is carried to a Russian whaling ship. Furious that they are attacking his friends the Hulk attacks the whaling ship.

While Nighthawk uses his new armor to stop a plan hijacking, Valkyrie and Hellcat track down the Hulk and are unsuccessful in stopping him from sinking the whaling ship. However, when a giant octopus attacks them, Valkyrie is knocked overboard and her armor causes her to sink. Fighting off the beast with Molotov cocktails, they are then saved by the Hulk and the whales and brought aboard Coast Guard ships. While back on the mainland, Kyle is informed by his lawyer and Matt Murdock that his trial has been accepted by the courts.

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