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Quote1.png They've all been reprinted a dozen times of course. A fantasy life for me--all dreamed up by mom! She had very specific ideas about my future, especially after dad died. Sometimes I felt she couldn't tell the difference between me-- and the fictional Patsy in the magazines. Quote2.png
Patsy Walker

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Synopsis for "A Death in the Family!"

Arriving at Kyle's penthouse following their last adventure, the Defenders are shocked to find that the IRS has taken possession of Kyle's home pending his court case. If matters weren't bad enough, Hellcat receives a call informing her that her mother has died. She decides to attend the funeral, her fellow Defenders accompanying her, and Valkyrie having her costume restored back to its original form.

Meanwhile, Matt Murdock arrives at Kyle's apartment to find out the action of the IRS by a sign posted on the door. Detecting members of Fem-Force boarding the roof of the building, he changes into Daredevil and attacks the group. However, he is taken out by a tranquilizer and taken prisoner.

After the funeral, Patsy learns that she has inherited her mother's New Jersey home, and invites the other Defenders to move in with her. Sending Val out to do groceries she manages to stop a robbery. The Hulk arrives to give her money to pay for the groceries and makes her buy a large supply of beans. As the Defenders settle into their new home, Kyle has a hard time sleeping and is half-asleep for his court case in the morning. Meanwhile, Daredevil comes around to realize he's been locked up in a bank vault.


  • Script: plot by Kraft and Hannigan, script by Hannigan; Gruenwald and Grant credited with "ideas and continuity contributions".
  • Hellcat's mother is revealed to have died.
  • The word "shit" managed to sneak past not only the editor, but the Comic Book Authority Code as well. On page 2 panel 2, in the background there is a television that is showing a commercial depicting a cartoon bunny advertising cereal. The offending word is printed on the box of cereal. This word was also shown in the most recent reprint of this story in Essential Defenders (Vol. 4).

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