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Synopsis for "Divide... and Conquer"

Brief Summary:
The Silver Surfer brings Dr. Strange the first piece of the Evil Eye and confirms to him that the Avengers are trying to stop the Defender's mission. Dr. Strange leaves to search for another piece and warn the others. Valkyrie drops off Hawkeye in Mexico where he battles Iron Man for another fragment. Hawkeye escapes with the piece when Iron Man becomes distracted saving people from a building that was damaged during their fight. Meanwhile, Dr. Strange finds another piece in Indiana, but has to fight Mantis and Black Panther before he can leave with the fragment.

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Detailed Summary:
Chapter 4: Divide... and Conquer
The Silver Surfer has returned to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum with the first fragment of the Evil Eye. He informs Dr. Strange that he met opposition from the Avengers. Using the Orb of Agamotto to check out what is going on over at Avenger's Mansion, Dr. Strange gets an image that Loki dwelling within and holding sway over the heroes. He then sees an image of the Swordsman, unaware that he has reformed and joined the Avengers ranks. Thus, Dr. Strange starts to believe that the Avengers may be under some evil influence. Dr. Strange orders the Surfer to stay behind to protect the Black Knight as he leaves to warn the other Defenders and heads to Indiana.

Meanwhile, back on the island of Rurutu, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch report in with the other Avengers that they were attacked by the Silver Surfer. They inform them that what Loki had told them was "true" and warn them to be on the alert for other Defenders that may stop them from collecting the remaining parts of the Evil Eye.

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Chapter 5: The Invincible Iron Man vs. Hawkeye the Archer
In Monterrey, Mexico, Valkyrie drops Hawkeye off to search for the fragment of the Evil Eye that is hidden there. Before Val can leave they are contacted by Dr. Strange who informs them that they may find opposition from members of the Avengers. As Val leaves for Bolivia, Hawkeye notices the arrival of Iron Man.

Iron Man checks in with the local university where to see if the fragment of the Evil Eye was taken there after it was discovered. There he meets with Professor Martin Figueras who shows him a fragment of the Evil Eye. Just as Figueras is about to hand over the fragment, it's snatched out of his hand by one of Hawkeye's arrows. Iron Man and his former ally end up battling it out for possession of the fragment. However, Iron Man is forced to stop fighting when one his repulsor ray blasts accidentally hits a nearby building and he has to save a civilian from the toppling debris. This distraction gives Hawkeye the time to snatch the fragment and make his escape.

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Chapter 6: Dr. Strange Master of the Mystic Arts vs. The Black Panther and Mantis!
Arriving in Indiana, Dr. Strange begins looking for the next fragment of the Evil Eye and quickly locates it with his magic. Elsewhere, Black Panther and Mantis are combing the area looking for it as well. During their search, the two Avengers end up at a bus station where the enhanced senses of Mantis detect that Dr. Strange's magic is nearby. She attacks an older woman to reveal that it was actually Dr. Strange in disguise.

The two Avengers pursue the mystical hero and end up battling Dr. Strange for the fragment. The fight lands them on the property of a farmer who bursts out of his home with his shotgun blazing. However, through the fast reflexes of Mantis, Dr. Strange and Black Panther are saved from being hit by the farmers shotgun burst. Mantis pushes them out of the way and disarms the farmer. This gives Dr. Strange enough time to summon a spell that stuns both Avengers long enough for him to escape with his part of the Evil Eye.


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story Number 1545 Z.
  • There is no letters page this issue. In its place is a "Personal Plea from your Blushin' Bullpen." A survey to readers from Stan Lee.
  • Hulk appears on the cover, but not in the issue.

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