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Appearing in ""Mind Over Mandrill!""

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Synopsis for ""Mind Over Mandrill!""

Before Kyle's court trial, Patsy breaks into his penthouse in order to retrieve her Shadow Cloak, there she is attacked by Fem-Force who use pheromones extracted from the Mandrill to put her under their powers. Daredevil meanwhile, uses his radar senses to loop his billy club through the ventilation system of the bank vault and uses the phone to call the court house where Kyle's trial is taking place to call for help. Before Kyle can be made allowed to leave for "important business" the trial is interrupted by the arrival of Hellcat and Fem-Force, allowing Kyle to slip away and change into Nighthawk. Valkyrie tries to battle Fem-Force but the arrival of Mandrill puts her in his thrall as well.

Breaking Daredevil out of the vault, the two heroes return to the court house to find that the Hulk is alone fighting Fem-Force, Val and Hellcat. Helping him out, they are able to free Hellcat from Mandrill's control however Mandrill manages to escape.

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