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Synopsis for ""Defiance""

Refusing to allow himself to be put behind bars until after his trial, Nighthawk leads the Defenders after Mandrill and his forces. A device is built that will make Patsy immune to Mandrill's powers and she arms herself with a device that will shock others under the Mandrill's control.

The Defenders then learn that the Mandrill intends to attack the Arrowhead Nuclear Power Plant, and mount a counter attack. The Mandrill has chosen this nuclear plant because it is the one his parents work at and he wishes to get revenge on them after what they had done.

As Hellcat battles Valkyrie in sword combat, Nighthawk, Daredevil and the Hulk go after Mandrill. When the Mandrill has the nuclear reactor switched on threatening to kill his father with the excess radiation and cause an explosion that will kill them all, the Hulk uses his strength to cover all the nuclear rods, however the exertion causes him to change back to Bruce Banner. Before the Mandrill can shoot Bruce, the Mandrill is instead shot by his own mother.

With everybody free from the Mandrill's control, eventually Valkyrie snaps out of his control as well, stopping her battle with Hellcat.

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