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Synopsis for "The Woman Behind the Man!"

The Sub-Mariner is returning to the seas following his recent adventure with the Defenders. He takes some time to play with some dolphins when suddenly a voice calls out to him. Investigating, Namor is shocked to find that it is apparently Lady Dorma, alive and well.

While back at Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum Dr. Strange, Son of Satan, Bruce Banner, Clea, Nighthawk and Valkyrie take some downtime following their saving the universe. When Kyle comes in with ice cream for everyone, Hellstrom asks to speak to Strange privately. Strange erects a barrier between them and the rest of the Defenders and before the Son of Satan can explain why he was seeking out Dr. Strange they are pulled back to their comrades when Nighthawk suddenly screams and collapses to the floor. The shock of this event causes Bruce Banner to transform into the Hulk.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis, Dr. Strange returns with Lady Dorma and presents her before Lord Vashti. At first Vashti finds it hard to believe Dorma's miraculous resurrection but soon accepts it. Soon, Namor calls his people and announces that they will now renew aggressions toward the surface world, starting with an attack on London, England. When one of Namor's people revolts at this course of action, one look at Lady Dorma cause the crowd to beat the lone dissenter to death.

Back on the surface, Dr. Strange has had a moment to examine Nighthawk's condition. He explains to them that following their battle with the Squadron Sinister[1], Kyle was on the brink of death and it took Namor, Strange, Valkyrie and the Hulk giving a portion of their life forces to restore him to life. However, his examinations have shown that some force has attempted to sever that life force. The best Strange could do to keep Kyle alive renders him in paralyzed, seemingly for the rest of his life. As the Defenders deal with this revelation, Wong bursts into the room and has the Defenders see television reports of Namor leading an Atlantean army on an invasion of London. Needing to quell this quickly, the Defenders leave Kyle in the care of Clea while they go to stop their ally from causing any more damage.

While in New Jersey at the home formerly owned by Patricia Walker's mother, Patsy tries to cope with the loathing and hatred she still has for her mother. Unable to understand how she can still miss her mother when she hated her for pushing her for her whole life. Suddenly, a dark figure emerges from her Shadow Cloak and attacks.

The other Defenders are teleported to London where they clash with Namor's army, easily defeating their foot soldiers until they are all downed by a sonic tank. Taking aboard one of Namor's vessels, they are all incapacitated and brought before Namor. When Valkyrie asks Namor what caused him to turn against humanity, she soon finds that Dorma is calling all the shots. Balking Dorma into striking her, Valkyrie realizes that she is able to strike Dorma and she is exhibiting above average strength. Both of these realizations causes Namor to snap out of the hypnosis he has been put under. To their shock and surprise, Dorma reveals herself to be none other than the alien known as Nebulon in disguise.

He explains to them that he is still seeking to take over the planet for his people and this latest scheme was part of that attack. He is soon attacked by Son of Satan and Dr. Strange whos combined magics cause Nebulon to revert to his true form. Disgusted by sharing intimate moments with a revolting creature such as Nebulon, Namor picks up the horrifying creature and tosses him into the air. As it would happen, aliens from Nebulon's world would arrive to take the criminal hostage. Teleporting away as Nebulon attempts one last ditch effort to take Namor back under his control had failed. In the aftermath of the battle, Namor comes to the realization that his memories of Dorma will never die and that the feeling of hate is just as eternal as that of love.


  • Inking is credited to "Joe Sinnott and Friends".

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