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Synopsis for "Once More, the End of the World..."

Hellcat tells the start of the story as when she first returned home after a worldwide book tour and helps a mysterious homeless man who claims to be looking for "mother".

Three weeks later, whilst Bruce Banner is in Washington, the city comes under attack by Toad Men, he transforms into the Hulk and begins to fight. Meanwhile Doctor Strange returns home and Wong tells him that the city is under attack from Borers. Doctor Strange claims that it is not of his concern but leaves once he detects a mystical threat amongst the chaos, on his way to find the source he travels past the Fantastic Four and encounters the Dark-Crawler, at the time named the Night-crawler. At the same time during a conversation between Namor, Namorita and Vashti, Atlantis is attacked by Mindless Ones. Namor starts to battle them. Around this time, Silver Surfer and Alicia Masters are arguing when they are attacked by Quasimodo. Meanwhile at a lighthouse, the cause of the attacks is revealed to be Yandroth.

Inside the lighthouse his prisoner, Hellcat awakened and breaks free, only to find Mother Earth chained inside. Hellcat contacts Nighthawk and asks him to send the Avengers. However Nighthawk sees that the Avengers are occupied and calls his mystic adviser, Papa Hagg to teleport Doctor Strange, Hulk, Silver Surfer and Namor to Hellcat's location Once there, the four start to argue and Hulk and Namor start to fight. When Hellcat tells them the situation, Yandroth arrives and unleashes the four Ravagers of Creation. Hellcat attacks him and is sent flying. Doctor Strange is easily defeated by the fire creature. Silver Surfer is easily defeated by the wind creature. Namor is easily defeated by the water creature and the Hulk is defeated by the rock creature. As the four creatures come together to destroy the universe, the Avengers team up against the rock monster and the spell, incomplete, destroys only the four monsters. There is an explosion and things seem normal, Yandroth notices the hatred between the four Defenders and curses them, a dying curse backed by the full power of Mother Earth, to be a team forever.

Soon after, they go their separate ways, but Papa Hagg informs Nighthawk and "Val" that the curse is very real...


  • The Curse from this issue is used to keep the team together through out the series.
  • Hellcat tells this part of the series.
  • Yandroth previously appeared Defenders 69. He will appear next in Last Defenders 1.


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