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Chondu the Mystic

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Synopsis for "Head to Head"

It is revealed that the reason the Headmen and AIM are working together is because they saved MODOK from being trapped in another dimension.
The defenders are all reunited and decide to try to save the world. Meanwhile, Shrunken Bones uses Orrgo to get revenge on people who were nasty to him in high school, Gorilla-Man discusses the problem of Global Warming, Chondu plans to create a new body and Ruby Thursday is downloading information from the most powerful computers. MODOK tells the troops not to interfere with the Headmen. Suddenly the defenders come under attack by an army of super villains (not heroes as villains have the killer instinct). As the three weaker Defenders (Nighthawk, Valkyrie and Hellcat leave the battle to fight the Headmen, the others become overwhelmed. Nighthawk steals the controlling ruby and reverses the effect on the world, Doctor Strange plans to use the ruby (on an idol) to free Atlantis, he starts to get obsessed with what he could use it for and Hellcat smashes the idol, Orrgo prepares to destroy them but Hellcat scares him off, the Defenders leave to free Atlantis but not before Doctor Strange pockets the gem.


  • Plot by Busiek and Larsen, script by Stephenson.
  • MODOK narrates this part of the series.

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