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Synopsis for "The Curse"

The Story starts with a confrontation between Namor and Attuma who is trying to invade Atlantis when Namor is teleported away. Meanwhile Doc Samson is trying to convince Joe Fixit (the grey Hulk) to come back to the lab for testing when Joe too is teleported away. At the same time at the Home of Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange and Hellcat are discussing the curse when Doctor Strange also vanishes.

In Canada, the three heroes and the Silver Surfer appear. Namor attempts to leave but is teleported back. The Hulk and Namor fight and the other two do not stop them. Meanwhile Hellcat tells Nighthawk about the situation and they summon Papa Hagg to find the missing Defenders.

The fight between Hulk and Namor is interrupted when an old Canadian Man fires a shotgun bullet into the air. Soon after thy are attacked by Monsters of the Olympian underworld and Pluto. At this moment Papa Hagg manages to use a crystal ball to watch the battle. The Defenders defeat the monsters and then are attacked by, to the shock of Nighthawk and Hellcat, Valkyrie.


  • Nighthawk tells this part of the series.

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