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Appearing in "The Armies of the Slain"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Pluto
  • Ice Queen (Escapes from being trapped in the form of a Valkyrie)

Other Characters:

  • Old Canadian Man who lives in the mountain (Death)




Synopsis for "The Armies of the Slain"

Six months ago: In Asgard the Olympian god, Pluto recruited Lorelei, the Ice Queen, to create a Valkyrie for him. She does this only because she wants to prove that she is better then her sister, the Enchantress.

Now: In Canada, Pluto uses his Valkyrie to raise an army of the dead for him to rule over. He explains that he is using a crystal embedded in the temple to avoid the eyes of Zeus. He is also using it to keep the Defenders trapped in Stone, he plans to kill them and resurrect them as servants. Another prisoner, the old man, starts yelling at Pluto and Pluto snaps his neck. Soon after Nighthawk, Hellcat and "Valkyrie" appear to free the Defenders. Hellcat frees the other Defenders and a battle breaks out. However among the dead are beings that can drain the Silver Surfer's power and match the Hulk and Namor in strength but they fight anyway.

While this is happening the two Valkyries fight over an enchanted spear until the Valkyrie that was with the Defenders is struck by a mystical bolt turning her back to her true form as Lorelei. She tells them that Pluto trapped her in that form after she gave him a new Valkyrie. While Lorelei and Pluto battle Hulk, Namor and the Silver Surfer listen to Hellcat's plan to destroy the temple so Zeus will turn up. They do it against the advice of Doctor Strange and accidentally open a gateway to the underworld.


  • Doctor Strange tells this part of the series.

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