Valkyre (Samantha Parrington)
What -- What is this I have joined? A team -- or a madhouse?
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That's the great part, kid-- We never know ourselves!
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Appearing in "Ride of the Valkyrie"

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Synopsis for "Ride of the Valkyrie"

The Story picks up with the Defenders taking on the legions of the dead. But are being overwhelmed. During this time Pluto and the Ice Queen battle for control over the Valkyrie they have created. In a flash of light the Valkyrior led by the real Asgardian Valkyrie arrive on the scene and attack the army of the dead. The Asgardian Valkyrie tells the Defender to battle Pluto and Ice Queen, which they do. The new Valkyrie is in great pain caused by the power struggle by her creators. Doctor Strange tells the Defenders to hold back as he can see the new Valkyrie is being torn mentally in half. The new Val turns on her creators and sends them flying. The Defenders then prepare to aid the new Valkyrie in battle against the two when Zeus appears causing the villains to flee. The battle has ended and the Valkyrior have won, whilst the new Valkyrie lies the old man to rest Brunnhilde tells the new Valkyrie to join the Defenders which she does, the new Valkyrie is then given Brunhilde's horse Aragorn and her sword, Dragonfang. She then flies off to Asgard. The Sub-Mariner and Hulk argue and the Sub-mariner plans to return to Atlantis. The Hulk runs off angrily and the Silver Surfer flies off for some alone time. The rest of the Defenders return to Doctor Strange's home.


  • The Silver Surfer narrates this part of the series.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Russ & Nathan Dalton, Jack Crumley, Wayne Gucker, Chris Karukas, Dorian Holley, and Jason Hopkins.

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