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Quote1 To Hell with the Defenders! Quote2
Namor the First

Appearing in "Headhunt"

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Synopsis for "Headhunt"

After recently being cursed by the mystic scientist Yandroth, the Defenders are cursed to forever join each other to confront threats to the earth. After defeating Pluto, the Sub-Mariner heads to Atlantis, which was recently overthrown by Attuma, Namor plans to free his people as before the curse had prevented him from doing so. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange attempts to remove the curse but activates an illusion of Yandroth who torments the Defenders, Nighthawk, Hellcat and the new Valkyrie who are also present decide to leave when Nighthawk accidentally offends Strange by suggesting Papa Hagg should help him. The three heroes decide to get some lunch.

Meanwhile the Silver Surfer heads out into space after realizing Alicia Masters is happier without him around. At the same time Doc Samson and |Bruce Banner are having a therapy session and trying to figure out where the Hulk has been. While Namor continues his attack on Atlantis, Nighthawk, Valkyrie and Hellcat do battle with the Headmen who are trying to steal an artifact from a museum that Kyle Richmond has invested in. The three heroes and the Headmen do battle, the three heroes defeat the Headmen. Believing they are unconscious the Defenders fail to prevent Gorilla-Man grabbing the artifact and escaping, they decide to inform Doctor Strange. Namor manages to get to the throne room and has his hands around Attuma's throat when the curse teleports him away. While the Hulk is in a session with Samson, he is teleported away, as is Doctor Strange.

When they arrive in their new destination they are approached by the Bi-Beast.


  • The Sub-Mariner narrates this part of the series.
  • In this issue, the invisibility enchantment Doctor Strange put on Dragonfang in Defenders #17 is shown to still be in effect. However, Dragonfang is incorrectly drawn and depicted this issue. The weapon is not shown with its distinctive handle.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Defenders Dialogue". Letters are published from Taylor Porter, Augie De Blieck, Jr., Ed Homa, Kelly Wilson, Malcolm J. McDonlad, and Matt Starnes.

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